Welcome to my blog. I’m Dr Mari Takayanagi, Senior Archivist at the Parliamentary Archives and historian with a particular interest in women & Parliament in the early 20th century.

Dr Mari Takayanagi

I completed my History PhD thesis, ‘Parliament and Women c. 1900-1945’ in 2012. Topics of my research included:
– The passage of legislation affecting women’s lives and gender equality
– The role of women in Parliamentary select committees and standing committees
Women staff in the House of Lords and House of Commons
The full thesis is online at the King’s Research Portal.

I also post about other aspects of women’s history including the suffrage struggle, and events & projects related to women’s history and Parliament. You can find more about me and my historical interests on the About page.

I’m a Champion for the First 100 Years project marking 100 years of women in the legal profession in 2019.

Finally, I’m joint project manager and co-curator for Parliament’s Vote 100 project, which will mark 100 years of the vote for some women and all men in 2018. You can follow Vote 100 on Twitter and there is a Vote 100 blog.