2013: the year of Emily Wilding Davison

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the death of the suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, who was fatally wounded by the King’s horse at the Epsom Derby on 4 June 1913, and died in hospital a few days later.

Image of Emily Wilding Davison from Parliamentary Archives
Emily Wilding Davison. Parliamentary Archives, HC/SA/SJ/10/12 item 66

We’re interested in Emily in Parliament of course, because she hid in the crypt chapel on census night 1911, and campaigned elsewhere in the building on other occasions. But lots of people are interested in commemorating this anniversary of course, and at the moment I feel I’m finding out about a new initiative every week! So far I’ve found out about…

Phew!  And I’m sure there’s more. Do let me know.

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