‘Suffragette’ film: women and Parliamentary committees

I was privileged recently to see an advance viewing of the upcoming film ‘Suffragette’, starring Carey Mulligan as Maud Watts.  I would warmly recommend it and you can read my review of ‘Suffragette’ exclusively on the Vote 100 blog. Some of the scenes were filmed on location in Parliament. The House of Commons gave special … More ‘Suffragette’ film: women and Parliamentary committees

Early 20th century campaigns for women priests

Edit July 2014: great news that the Church of England has finally backed women bishops. Maude Royden would be proud! Below is my blog article on early campaigns for women priests and bishops, originally published in November 2012. Following the decision of the General Synod this week not to allow female bishops in the Church … More Early 20th century campaigns for women priests

UNESCO recognition for women’s suffrage documents

On 23 May 2011, UNESCO announced the inscription of twenty archive documents and collections to its UK Memory of the World Register. I’m delighted to say that this included an inscription for Documentary Heritage of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in Britain, a collection of eight items held by The Women’s Library and the Parliamentary Archives. … More UNESCO recognition for women’s suffrage documents

Parliamentary Sampsons

Perhaps surprisingly, a number of MPs who had opposed women’s suffrage came out in favour of women being MPs in 1918.  Among the converts were former Prime Minister H H Asquith, who said ‘You have the camel; you ought not to strain at the gnat’, Charles Hobhouse, and Arnold Ward, who asked in Parliament, ‘What … More Parliamentary Sampsons

The woman MP: a peril to women and the country

Before 1918,women’s suffrage campaigners like Emily Davies were focused on getting the vote rather than making a case for women MPs. A great pioneer in women’s education, Davies had been among the very first women to campaign for the vote back in the 1860s. She was still doing so in 1907 as a constitutional suffragist (she … More The woman MP: a peril to women and the country