Available online:

December 2017 – Watch my talk for TedX Whitehall Women on ‘Ventilator, Cage and Tomb‘ – women and Partliament over the last 200 years

November 2016 – contribution to a panel on ‘Women and the 21st century Parliament‘ for Parliament Week – my bit (on women in the 19th and 20th century Parliament) runs 9:00-15:15

June 2016 – Parliamentary Sources and Processes: Tracing an Act of Parliament – talk for Women’s Legal Landmarks at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (my talk is the first 25 minutes of this video)

March 2014 – Women Staff in Parliament during the First and Second World Wars – talk for Women’s History Month

April 2014 – Parliament and Suffragettes – Open Lecture for Parliamentary Outreach and the University of Exeter (marking the 50th anniversary of Exeter’s Politics department)

2008 – The significance of 1958 and Parliament’s suffragette banner from 1908 – interview marking the 50th anniversary of the Life Peerages Act 1958


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