10 Feb 2023 – interviewed by BBC Radio 4 Today in Parliament, for piece on Andrew Bonar Law and Stanley Baldwin, starts 20:56.

28 Dec 2022 – interviewed by Times Radio breakfast show for On This Day piece on Constance Markieivcz.

Times Radio

Sep 2022 – interviewed by Forces News for short film Inside Parliament’s secret Second World War factory, and for piece on same subject at Politics Home: Hidden history: Parliament’s secret Second World War munitions factory

5 March 2021 – BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today in Parliament’ interviewed on why you need to be 18 to drink in pubs – Nancy Astor’s Intoxicating Liquor Act 1923, the first successful private members’ bill by a woman MP.

28 February 2020 – BBC Parliament ‘The Week in Parliament’, interviewed on Nancy Astor’s maiden speech.

23 December 2019 – BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour – interviewed guest in special edition marking 100 years of women and the legal profession.

27 November 2019 – BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour – interviewed (briefly!) on Nancy Astor, item starts 19:00.

22 March 2019 – BBC Parliament ‘The Week in Parliament’, interviewed on Jennie Lee’s election to Parliament in 1929, starts 23 mins on iPlayer

Womans Hour 14 Dec 2018
Womans Hour 14 Dec 2018

14 December 2018 – BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour – interviewed guest in special edition live from Parliament marking the centenary of the first electon at which women could stand and vote

13 September 2018 – BBC World Service – interviewed for ‘Lasting Fame’ on women and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography – available online, my bit starts 16:00)

June-Oct 2018 – many media appearances and interviews for ‘Voice and Vote: Women’s Place in Parliament ‘exhibition including: interview for Guardian article Westminster exhibition charts 100 years of women’s suffrage; BBC Parliament’s Voice and Vote , BBC Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ doing a curator tour for Jenni Murray (broadcast 9 Aug 2018); interview on anti-suffrage doll for Museum Crush; and more…

6 February 2018 – Votes for Women: Suffragette Action in the Houses of Parliament on BBC2 Daily Politics programme; interviews in Parliament on BBC Newsroom Live, BBC1 News at Six (live) and News at Ten; interview on the passage of the Representation of the People Act on Radio 4 PM programme

8 Feburary 2018 – CBBC ‘Blue Peter‘, in piece on Vote 100

11 February 2018 – BBC Parliament ‘Suffragette Allies’ programme, available for limited time on iPlayer

May 2017 – Lunch at Michaels: AdWeek interview by Diane Clehane

Lunch at Michaels, with Diane Clehane

May 2017 and March 2018 – Interviews with Womanthology – Telling the Story of Parliament, Women and the Vote ; Shining a light on women’s place in democracy

January 2017 – BBC Radio 4 ‘Today in Parliament’ interview by Mark D’Arcy, on the 1917 Speaker’s Conference on Electoral Reform and votes for women

November 2016 – BBC Radio 4 ‘Today in Parliament’ interview by Mark D’Arcy, on the the Girl Porters in the House of Commons during the First World War

July 2016 – BBC Radio 4 ‘The Long View’ interview by Jonathan Freedland on the early women MPs

February 2016 – BBC Radio London live interview on the Robert Elms Show on Parliament’s suffragette themed tours

October 2016 – Sunday Post politics podcast interview by James Millar on the ‘Suffragette’ movie

November 2015 – CBC piece, In the Land of the Suffragettes interview

April 2015 – Sheffield Live radio ‘Mouthpiece’ programme, interview by Max Munday on history of women and Parliament. Listen to my interview by Max Munday

March 2015 – Islam Channel TV programme ‘The Politics of Equality’, interview by Samina Kiyani on history of women and Parliament (my bit is circa 3:20 to 7:15)

The Politics of EqualityJanuary 2015 – BBC Radio 4 ‘Women’s Hour‘ interview for Democracy Day, on the history of female protestors in Parliament

November 2014 – BBC 1 ‘The One Show’ talking about suffragette Muriel Matters, who chained herself to the House of Commons Ladies’ Gallery grille in 1908

July 2014 – BBC Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ interview by Jenni Murray with Dr Paula Bartley, on Ellen Wilkinson & other early women MPs

June 2014 – BBC Radio 4 ‘Today in Parliament’ interview by Mark D’Arcy, on early women staff in Parliament

2013 – BBC 2 Northern Ireland TV programme ‘Groundbreakers: Ulster’s Forgotten Radical Isabella Tod’, talking about early female select committee witnesses with Margaret Mountford

Margaret Mountford at the Parliamentary Archives2012 – BBC Radio Oxford interview by Malcolm Boyden, on Nancy Astor

2011 – ‘Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything Is Possible’ interview on DVD documentary about Sylvia Pankhurst by WORLDwrite

Have also been on TV programmes in role as archivist at the Parliamentary Archives, e.g. Who Do You Think You Are with Jodie Kidd; PBS programme on ‘Secrets of Westminster’.

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